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College Dorm Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

    College Dorm Gadgets: You’ve moved into your dorm room, and as a first-time college student, you’re probably overwhelmed by how much there is to do and learn. Don’t worry — we were all in the same boat, too! Whether you’re planning to live on campus or off, here are seven College Dorm Gadgets that will help you get through the next four years with grace and ease.

    Portable Power Bank

    Of course, you want to pack all your favorite college dorm gadgets and keep them charged so you can stay connected 24/7. But having electronics on hand means you’ll need to find an outlet every few hours. That’s where a portable power bank comes in handy. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, these devices are full of juice to recharge your phone and other devices multiple times over—so you won’t be left searching for an outlet when there’s none in sight.

    Portable Fan

    Because dorm rooms are usually small and without air conditioning, fans are an essential dorm supply. Most importantly, they cool you off when you’re feeling warm and help keep your roommates from snoring at night. But fans do more than just make your sleeping experience more pleasant; they also help circulate air throughout your room, making it easier to breathe and contributing to a better sleeping environment overall. You can even plug in USB ports on some models to charge your phone while you sleep or study. Just remember: Always turn off a fan before going to bed—there’s nothing worse than oversleeping because of loud white noise!

    Essential Oil Diffuser

    Now that you’re living in such close quarters with your peers, it’s important to make your space feel as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Using an essential oil diffuser is one of those things that people don’t think about but make all of the difference. Lightweight and easy to use, simply pop some of your favorite scents into one of these devices and you’ll have a spa experience right in your dorm room! Many diffusers also have programmable timers so you can set them to go off at certain times during class or while you’re sleeping so your room always smells fresh! Be sure to get extra reeds if yours requires them.

    Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

    If your roommate snores, you’re going to need these two items. Regardless of whether or not he or she keeps you up all night, it’s likely that you’ll have plenty of early mornings when you’d rather not get up and greet sunlight, bright smiles, and chipper voices with bloodshot eyes and baggy eyes. Ear plugs keep out those awful noises that can make college life so unbearable. A sleep mask is just as important, as it protects your precious vision from the light streaming through your drawn curtains on those oh-so-early mornings. If no one else is sharing space with you in your dorm room, then how do they judge how late (or early) you decide to stay up? No worries; they won’t see anything they shouldn’t!

    Power Strip with USB Ports

    When you’re in a dorm, space is at a premium. And with all your electronics—not to mention your roommate’s—you might not have room for another power strip. However, since most dorms only offer one electrical outlet per student, it can be tough to charge all of your electronics at once. A power strip with built-in USB ports is an affordable and practical solution that can help you avoid cluttering up outlets and allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. A six-outlet model will give you plenty of space for powering up your laptop, phone charger, iPod dock, fan, mini-fridge, and more without having to use extension cords or take up any additional outlets.

    Mini Vacuum Cleaner

    It’s not easy to make your dorm room look like home, but with a handy little gadget like a portable handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily keep your space clean. This gadget comes in handy when unexpected guests stop by or when you want to do some last-minute cleaning before that big presentation. Plus, it works on hardwood floors, tiles, and more. All you have to do is charge it up and go!

    Mini Speaker

    With several dorm dwellers often squeezed into a single room, studying or listening to music can be hard without bothering others. That’s where portable speakers come in handy. They’re small enough to fit on bookshelves and desks while also delivering a big sound that you can bring with you anywhere on campus. Just keep an eye out: Some models can connect wirelessly, which means you may be able to find one that supports Bluetooth. This is nice if you don’t want your devices (like your phone) connected directly to your speakers at all times—especially if they need regular charging, as Bluetooth connections typically do not drain device batteries quite as quickly as wired connections.

    These were our 7 College Dorm Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier.

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