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The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022: There are plenty of iPad keyboards on the market, but it can be hard to know which ones are the best for you and your needs without reading all about them first. Thankfully, we’ve done the work and research to figure that out for you! In this list of the best iPad keyboards, we cover the basics like battery life and ease of use as well as more nuanced topics like what each keyboard offers extra beyond basic functionality. Get ready to see why these three are our top picks!

    Keychron K3

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    If you’re looking for a productivity-friendly keyboard that looks good on the tablet and features a full-sized keyboard, then the Keychron K3 is a perfect choice. The K3 packs Bluetooth connectivity, backlit keys, and spill-resistant design into an ultra slim design that feels right at home on the iPad. It’s thin enough to carry it around easily, yet still gives your fingers plenty of room to type at breakneck speeds. It’s durable enough to survive a fall or two, yet light enough not to add too much weight when carrying it in your bag – making it perfect for people who are always on the go. The built-in cover folds over the keys, allowing for a sturdy typing surface without adding bulk to the tablet. Whether you’re using it for work or school, this keyboard has everything you need in order to stay productive with your work without sacrificing portability.

    Logitech Combo Touch

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    Logitech’s newest keyboard dock is one of the most versatile and best iPad keyboards you can buy right now. The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard combines a QWERTY keyboard with an ergonomic lap desk that holds the tablet at a comfortable reading angle, making it one of the top new iPad keyboards. The dock also features Logitech’s signature padded backrest, which provides excellent lumbar support to help you stay productive through long work sessions. Other features of this best-selling product include three adjustable angles, full-sized function keys, and a touchpad that recognizes taps or uses two fingers to scroll up and down web pages. It’s super easy to set up as it works wirelessly with Bluetooth technology so there are no cables or bulky adapters required.

    Apple Magic Keyboard

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    The Apple Magic Keyboard is a wireless keyboard with a large key set, perfect for typing and long hours of use. It connects to your device via Bluetooth connection, it has an on/off switch that can prolong the battery life, and it’s extremely portable (it weighs just two pounds). The keys are adjustable and can be raised or lowered depending on how you like to type. There is also a function key at the top right that allows you to turn off features such as dictation without switching your device off completely.

    This keyboard is compatible with iOS 10+ operating systems. One drawback is that some users have reported its size may be uncomfortable if they’re sitting too close to their iPad; some people may find themselves leaning back to reach up instead of forward. However, overall this is a great option for those who want one reliable keyboard they can always count on!

    Brydge 12.9 Pro+

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    In our search for the best keyboard option, we looked at a lot of keyboards. When it came to deciding what’s best, there were two qualities that helped decide on the winner: features and price. Brydge offered a clean design with the features needed to accomplish anything from typing emails to crafting presentations. This can all be done wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.2 without consuming much power and providing a battery life of up to 3 months with one charge.

    The aluminum cover protects your device and does not slide off when used with a case as well as resisting dirt, dust, and liquids up to four feet which makes this keyboard perfect for travel too! With a sleek design and weight of fewer than 2 lbs., it is easy to carry around or pack in a bag while you’re on the go. You can purchase the Brydge 12.9 Pro+ Wireless Keyboard now for $135!

    Apple Smart Keyboard

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    If you are looking for a slim, low-profile keyboard that you can carry with your iPad and doesn’t add much weight, the Apple Smart Keyboard is our top pick. There’s no need to buy a separate USB cable; the device has its own built-in charging wire. Plus, the keys have excellent tactile feedback, making it easy to type on without seeing what you’re doing. The only downside is that the space bar isn’t optimized for resting thumbs—something we see often with folding keyboards like this one. For someone who wants something similar but does not want to carry around an extra accessory at all times, we recommend checking out either Logitech’s Create keyboard or Belkin’s Fabric keyboard.

    ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    The best keyboard is the one that you’ll use, and if you’re the type of person who needs to get words out fast on your tablet, this might be the one. The ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad features a sleek keyboard that slides into place over the front of your tablet so there’s no need to worry about taking up screen space or stability. Plus, it works just as well as a stand. It even has backlit keys and arrow keys so you can easily take care of some office work at home or any other setting without lugging around a laptop. We love this keyboard because it just might give us fewer reasons to hit snooze on our New Year’s resolutions to get up early each morning.

     Logitech Slim Folio

    The Best iPad Keyboards for Productivity in 2022

    If you want to be as productive as possible on your iPad, then it’s worth investing in a quality keyboard. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate travel companion or just a keyboard that can go wherever your tablet does, Logitech has created the perfect keyboard to meet your needs.

    The Slim Folio by Logitech is designed specifically with iPads and Apple Smart Covers in mind. Its slender, lightweight construction still delivers complete functionality while boasting one of the slimmest keypad footprints available on the market today—giving users plenty of screens while they type. Its magnetic hinge ensures the keyboard stays put when not in use but easily slides into place when needed. It also features backlit keys, so even in low-light conditions, typing will be effortless. Logitech offers an impressive 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service. At $69.99, this iPad keyboard may seem pricey at first glance, but if you’re serious about productivity on your device this is absolutely worth the investment!

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